Wedding Planner FAQ

Frequently asked wedding planner questions

We feel that people don’t quite understand how a Wedding Planner works and the different wedding planning services they are able to offer. We regularly hear people saying they believe wedding planners are expensive and a luxury, but here at Anna Lee Munro Wedding Planning Specialists, we only charge for the wedding planning services you require and work to your wedding budget. Hopefully the following questions and answers will help to change the way you think about wedding planners.

Why hire a wedding planner or event planner?

Arranging a wedding may seem like a daunting task to some or your busy lifestyle means you just simply don’t have enough time. It is predicted that a wedding takes between 200-300 hours which means planning a wedding is not a small task! Wedding planner services range from brain storming to full wedding planning but please don’t think we have to arrange the wedding from start to finish. We can help assist and guide you with select areas you feel you need additional support or knowledge that your friends and family may not have. About us

Can I afford a wedding planner?

YES! A wedding planner should be part of your wedding budget, not an added bonus, so we will work with you to ensure our wedding planner service is affordable. Quite often, the supplier discount pays for our services, especially if you opt for an ‘on the day’ service. Wedding planner prices

My Venue has a Coordinator, Why do I need a Wedding Planner?

Venue Wedding Coordinators/Planners are there to coordinate the staff and makes sure everything at the venue is in order. Some of the time, they will not be there on your wedding day as they will hand over the details to the operations team. They may not liaise with your wedding suppliers, but may offer a recommended wedding supplier list, which in my experience do not tend to be the best choice for you or value for money. They will be limited to what they are able to help you with so if you choose this option, make sure their services are clear. Weddings planned

How does discount from suppliers work?

We work closely with local wedding suppliers who all want to support each other. Therefore they will offer, where possible, discount or additional service to clients of ours. This discount is then passed directly to you and we do not operate on a commission basis.

How soon should I book your services?

I would recommend anywhere between 6-14 months in advance of your wedding date, however if we have availability we will endeavor to help with last-minute weddings/events or if looking at the finishing touches package we would recommend a minimum of 1 month. Contact us